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A reason to celebrate 

Love Child is a Micro Space located in South Boston.  It is the merriment of two best friends, Colleen and Crystal, and their passion for fostering celebrations, creativity, and connections within their community.  

Colleen Dunleavy


Colleen is the founder of Dunlovely Floral Design, a creative floral studio serving events and brands throughout New England.  She is born and bred in MA and currently resides in South Boston with her husband.  

Favorite Bloom: Peony

Favorite Booze: Mr. Happy

A Nantucket favorite, this cocktail includes vodka, lemonade, splash of soda water and fresh mint.

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Crystal is the founder of WanderLush Boston, a craft cocktail catering company serving restaurant-style beverages at private events.  Originally from Texas, Crystal now lives north of Boston with her 2 daughters and new pup, Rosie!

Favorite Bloom: Anemone

Favorite Booze: A Chilton


This signature Texan cocktail includes vodka, lemon, splash of soda water and a salt rim.  Cheers, y'all! 

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317 E Street South Boston, MA 02127
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